Rise of Kingdoms Guide: Tips and strategies for expanding territory

First of all, it needs to be clear that only the leader can expand the territory of the alliance. If you are the leader, then the following content will help you.

Ways to expand the territory:

1. You can see the alliance icon at the bottom right of the main interface of the game, click on it to enter the alliance interface;2. Click the settings button on the left, there is a setting option, click on it, and then you can see an option to expand the territory, if the requirements have been met, you can directly expand the territory of the alliance.

Requirements for territorial expansion:

1. The number of alliance requirements

To expand the territory, the number of people in the alliance must reach the current maximum. If the alliance members are not full, it is not possible to expand the territory. Many leagues are very welcome to powerful players, and they often use high welfare to snatch people. Therefore, if you are worried that the excellent members of your alliance will be robbed, you need to increase the welfare benefits of the alliance. Can attract new members to join, and can also retain former members.

2. The construction of the alliance territory and the gold coin requirements

It is necessary to raise the level of all buildings in the alliance to level 5. The same is also done by the leader, which takes a long time. Of course, if there are enough gems, you can use gems to speed up. For gold coins, 2w gold coins are needed, and gold coins can be rewarded through various gameplay and battles of the alliance.