Rise of Kingdoms Guide: Strategy for choosing civilization|Which civilization is the strongest

Growth and development are mainly divided into early stage, middle stage, and late stage, distinguished by city level

Early period: 1-15 city

Mid-term: 16-24 city

Late stage: 25 cities

1. The choice of initial civilization

China (building speed +5%)

Because of the high demand for early building upgrades, the mid-to-late stage focuses on scientific research

Novices have been following the teaching and main tasks to upgrade the buildings. After the main castle reaches level ten, the system will give a chance to transform civilization, and the game will really start.

2. Re-selecting early to middle civilization

Cavalry: German

Infantry: Rome

Archers: Don’t choose archers when you get up early

Considering that you have to start contacting soldiers, attacking cities, plundering resources, looting checkpoints and sanctuary, choosing a civilization that is beneficial to your arms will help you develop.

3.Cavalry: Reasons for choosing Germany

Training acceleration

You can train your soldiers faster. If you get up early, the number of soldiers means victory. If the number of soldiers differs greatly, the enemy will not have the power to fight back.

Increase attack power

Since the German T4 (Tier4) characteristic unit is also a cavalry, they complement each other.

Mobility recovery

Fighting a barbarian or a walled city requires a lot of action. The experience book you get will upgrade all the commanders, which will be of great help to you in the future. (To put it simply, a level 40 golden hero may not beat a level 60 purple hero)

4.Infantry: Reasons for choosing Rome

Infantry defense

Can increase the defense of infantry

Troop movement speed

All the soldiers move faster, which helps to fight barbarians or fights, which saves a little bit of time.

Food collection speed

Almost all soldiers need food to train. The increase in the speed of collecting food provided by the Roman civilization allows players to train their soldiers faster and increase the capacity of the troops.