Rise of Kingdoms Guide: Methods and conditions of moving to the alliance

1. Conditions

The following conditions must be fulfilled if you want to move to the city:

Your main city must be below level 82. You have not joined any alliancesAll your teams have returned to the main cityAll your scouts are not outside the city


first step

Click on the bottom left to go outside the city, and then zoom out to the bottom right and the earth appears

second step

Choose the country you want to go to

third step

Choose which part of the kingdom to move the city to

Note: If you are not in the alliance area after moving the city, you need to use the novice move city item again.

3.matters needing attention

If your main city is still below level 7, those two novice future props can move directly to the city regardless of the level. If the main city exceeds level 7, you can only wait for the alliance fortress to be built and use the territory to move the city for relocation.

If you join a new alliance, in the area occupied by the alliance, find an empty place, click Move City, and the moving castle will be displayed as green to move the city.


1. Before moving to the city, gather all the soldiers outside.

2. Trees and wild monsters will affect migration.