Britain Civilization |Rise of Kingdoms Guide-Britain Civilization Strategy & Evaluation

Initial commander: BoudicaCivilization Bonus: The Sun Never Sets, increase the attack power of archers by 5%, increase the training speed of troops by 5%, increase ally garrison capacity by 20%.Featured Unit: LongbowmanCivilization analysis:

Britain is more excellent in defense and support.

Although like Germany, there is a training acceleration of 5% to ensure the source of troops, but its characteristic buff lies in the archer, that is, the attack power of the archer unit is increased by 5%. The archer not only pays more attention to the output attack than the cavalry, but also compares Yu cavalry is also more vulnerable. In other words, archers are not popular in the field, and the use of cavalry is not as good as other civilizations.

The most useful buff among these bonuses is the 20% increase in the amount of ally’s garrison, which makes the positioning of British civilization more like a fortress. In Kvk, the British towns and cities are very strong as a barrier.

In summary, Britain tends to be an auxiliary civilization. Players should not have too strong a competitive mentality when playing this civilization. As auxiliary damage increases, it is very useful to guard their homes. Not suitable for early development, nor for early combat, it is recommended as a special positioning.