France Civilization |Rise of Kingdoms Guide-French Civilization Strategy & Evaluation

Initial Commander: Jeanne of ArcCivilization Bonus: Chivalry: Increases troop health by 3%, increase wood gathering speed by 10%; Increases hospital healing speed by 20%.Featured unit: Throwing AxemanCivilization analysis:

One of the better opening civilizations.

The health of the troops is increased by 3%, and the effect is average, but the full range increase is suitable for the period when there is no single soldier in the early stage. Field battles can also guarantee the survival rate of your own troops.

The increase in wood makes us no longer worry about our lack of wood, but it is not very useful. It can only be said that the collection of resources is faster.

The 20% increase in hospital treatment also makes France’s discharge rate much faster than other civilizations. But the period of peaceful development is really not very useful.

In general, France’s performance in the early period is relatively strong.

However, most of the bonus points lie in the practicality of Joan. Joan’s own effects are to restore rage, increase attack power, and increase collection speed for allies.

Joan is not the strongest among the commanders, but if the purple commander is the most comprehensive and practical, then it is none other than Joan.

As a multi-functional and practical commander in every function, hoarding resources in the early start will also be easy to clean up the barbarians.

For this reason, France is also one of the options for players to upgrade their trumpets.

The French civilization bonus has a strong performance in the early stage, and it can be considered more practical in the later stage. It is a very balanced civilization overall.