Rise of Kingdoms Guide: Tips for getting gold coins

1. [Collect advanced gold mines]

Advanced gold mines can collect more gold coins, and players need to collect at least 6 advanced gold mines to meet their later needs. In addition, train several commanders dedicated to collecting resources and use their talent skills. You will get extra gold coin income.

2. [Collect on the territory of the alliance to increase speed]

If there are many high-level gold mines in your alliance territory, remember to collect them, because your army will get a 25% increase in speed when gathering in the alliance territory.

3. [Create a small account]

It is legal to set up an account specifically for collecting data, don’t worry, this is specially designed by the game developer. You can upgrade your city hall to level 11, build a storehouse, and then send your commander to collect gold mines. Once you have collected a large amount of gold coins, you can send the gold coins to your main account, of course , Your small account must be in the same alliance as your main account, but the editor also reminds me here that the merchant store needs to pay taxes when trading, so remember to upgrade your merchant store so that you can pay The tax will be less.

4. [Do daily tasks]

Completing the daily tasks is the most direct way to get gold coins. Although each task will only give you about 5 gold coins, you can get a lot of gold coins by completing certain tasks to unlock the big box above. In addition to giving you some gold coins, the big box will also give you silver keys, acceleration tools, and so on. In the largest box, you will also be given additional gold keys, and the rewards of gold coins will be more.

5.[Kill the Barbarians]

You can kill barbarians to get some gold rewards, preferably closer to your city, search for nearby barbarians on the map, and then kill them to get gold coins. Also, by the way, remind you that it’s best to send some good at Kill the barbarian’s commander so that you will get gold coins faster.

6. [Expedition Mode]

Finally, the expedition mode will also give you a lot of gold coins. In this mode, you can get gold coins for completing daily tasks, and as your expedition completes more and more stages, you get more and more gold coins. This model is very worthwhile for you to do, and it can ensure that you have a stable gold coin every day.

Another point is that you can also buy some gold coins in the daily specials box of the gem mall, and you can also get some gold coins in your VIP level interface. So now you know how to get gold coins in the Awakening of the Nations? Once you master these methods, it is easy to get a lot of gold coins, which can help you develop your city. Finally, you may also get some resource packs of gold coins, keep them and use them when you need to research or train troops, so that when your enemy attacks you, you won’t be stolen. gold.