Japanese Civilization |Rise of Kingdoms Guide-Rome Civilization Strategy & Evaluation

Initial commander: Kusunoki MasashigeCivilization Bonus: Bushido, army attack power increased by 3%, increase scout march speed by 30%; resource discovery speed increased by 5%.Featured unit: SamuraiCivilization analysis:

Japan should be the civilization with the fastest speed and the fastest exploration. Based on a 30% increase in the buff of the scout marching speed, the Japanese civilization will explore the region much faster than other civilizations.

The 3% increase in troop attack power is the plasticity of the overall increase. It is still very popular in the early stage, but in the later stage, all troops use one type of arms. This kind of increase is useless. Moreover, the characteristic unit of Japanese civilization is infantry, which is not strong to be honest. The most important thing about infantry is vitality and defense. Strengthening offensive power does not bring much advantage to infantry. On the contrary, it is better for cavalry.

Therefore, it is recommended that players’ trumpets can choose Japanese civilization to provide surveys for their own troops.