Rise of Kingdoms Guide: Strategies to protect the city

Urban protection method:

At the beginning of the game, you will get a shield that can prevent your city from being attacked, but this shield will soon be gone. You can spend a lot of money to buy shields, but your city will not always be protected by shields. Any player may attack your city to steal your resources.

1. In your city, there must be a commander who is good at “garrisoning” and an army. In other words, don’t send all your troops outside to fight or collect resources. Keep a part of the army in the city, and commanders who are good at “garrison” will also make this army stronger, which can resist many lower levels. s attack.2. Make sure your city walls are always upgraded to the highest level. The city wall is usually easy to be forgotten, but it is also very important. As long as your city wall is intact, then your city will be safe. Therefore, make sure that your city wall is upgraded to the highest level and is not damaged, so that you can effectively resist the enemy’s invasion.3. Make sure you have a warehouse, and don’t forget to upgrade it. One feature of the warehouse is that when you are invaded by the enemy, the enemy will burn all your resources, but cannot burn the resources in your warehouse. These resources can get you started again. Therefore, make sure that each of your cities has a warehouse, and also pay attention to the upgrade of the warehouse.