Rise of Kingdoms Guides: Strategies and tips on choosing an orange hero

Cao Cao

Cavalry is a very powerful unit in the game, and Cao Cao is the strongest figure in the cavalry stream. If you can use Cao Cao to maximize the role of cavalry, it can really be said to be invincible in the game. Cao Cao’s skill is very invincible whether it is heads-up or output. His four skills can also restore blood and add anger.

It matches well with a series of generals such as Temujin. It should be noted that the cavalry led by Cao Cao is relatively fragile. Pay attention to the use of roundabout and sneak attacks to avoid direct direct impact on the enemy.


He is a very versatile orange general. Whether it is working with Hannibal to attack the city, or teaming with Scipioas the commander-in-chief, it is very suitable. He is known as the most versatile orange general. If you are at a loss as soon as you enter the game, there is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing Caesar。

3.Cleopatra VII

She is an auxiliary general and the only gathering legendary general in the game. After awakening, she can help you greatly increase your collection and expedition and jungle collection abilities. One of her skills can play a super role in team battles. The second and third skills can also help you greatly improve your resource gathering ability after awakening, which is very useful for ensuring resource supply and enhancing defense.

4.Minamoto no Yoshitsune

If you are a player who likes to attack very much. It is highly recommended that you use Minamoto no Yoshitsune. Because he has a very big advantage in pre-training. Not only the defense value is high, but the active skills have a very large damage value. Passive skills can also increase the frequency of attacks. It is the cavalry generals who have super mobility, and they can play a decent effect when paired with Lohar.