PUBG Mobile Guide:5 tips you must know | PUBG Guide

Use smoke bombs

After you kill the enemy, the resources in the box are very rich. But at this time, you must not relax your vigilance and rush to grab the resources in the box, especially in the open plains. You will be seen by other enemies accidentally, and you can’t be distracted to pay attention to the enemies around you. In this case, you must prepare two smoke bombs and throw one on each side of the box. This can confuse the enemy and reduce your chance of being shot by the enemy.

Don’t squat down when defending in the building

Many players prefer to switch to a squat or prone position in order to ambush the enemy attacking the building, and wait in secret for the arrival of the enemy. The biggest drawback of this approach is that it will be caught off guard by fast attacking enemies. It is important to know that the opponent often has sufficient preparation before attacking the building, at least the signal value will be full before the attack, in addition to the opponent may use various grenades, Molotov cocktails, flash bombs and other props to force the position. Special forces will greatly reduce their movement speed when they are in a squatting or lying state, making it difficult to face emergencies, and eventually they are most likely to be swept away by the enemy. Therefore, do not squat or lie down while defending in the building.

Always ready to shoot

If there are a lot of footsteps around you, when you move to the corner of the stairs or behind the bunker, you must be prepared to shoot in advance. Often these points are in blind spots of vision. This is the safest preventive measure when it is impossible to judge the position of the enemy. And on the stairs and other scenes that are easy to be ambushed by the enemy upstairs, shooting in advance will have a high probability of knocking down your opponent first.

Melee footwork with a gun back and forth

The situation on the arena is changing rapidly. Players often encounter melee shooting. Shooting while moving is the correct way to deal with it, but the direction of movement cannot be left or right. This has two major drawbacks. One is the enemy. It will be easy to catch your movements, and pull the gun sharply to take you away. Second, the trajectory will continue to float away with your movement, and the bullets will not be concentrated in a certain area, so you will not be able to knock down the enemy. .

Rapid parachuting and landing to seize the opportunity

Parachuting is something you must do when you enter the battlefield, and landing first can collect resources faster than your opponents and grow up. When other opponents land, you can eliminate them more easily.

The specific method of operation is to leave the plane when it is 700-800 meters away from the skydiving destination, head down, and use the joystick to control the direction of the character to fly 45 degrees to the left or right, and then fine-tune the angle according to the actual situation. Use the fastest way to reach the destination. Secondly, the scrolling action when landing can be canceled by clicking the fist button, and it can start to search for materials about 1 second faster than the opponent, and further seize the opportunity.