4 Tips You Must Know in PUBG Mobile | PUBG Guide

Thumb grip

Among all the grips, the thumb grip is relatively unpopular. This grip is more suitable for players who like to engage in gun battles with many enemies. When shooting at close range, the thumb grip can speed up the lens opening speed. Many players who are new to the gun like waist shooting, the accuracy of waist shooting is not very high, the accuracy of opening the lens is higher, but the speed of opening the lens is not as good as the waist shooting. At this time, there is a thumb grip and we can safely open the lens quickly. Now, speed is very important for melee combat

Throwing grenade will be more accurate in FPP

The game has two viewing angles, one is FPP and the other is TPP. FPP’s vision will be wider and TPP’s viewing angle will be more complete. TPP is more dominant in close combat, and the lens is faster. Not only that, but the grenade throws. The accuracy is also more accurate than TPP, and the trajectory of the parabola will be clearer.

Destroy the wheel of a three-wheeled motorcycle, it will be more stable

Motorcycles are nothing more than two-wheeled motorcycles and three-wheeled motorcycles. Two-wheeled motorcycles are stable and fast, while three-wheeled motorcycles are slow and easy to roll over. In fact, you only need to blow up the side wheels. Three-wheeled motorcycles It’s much more stable when opened.

Turning on the first person can increase the speed of reaction

Many players always feel that they are slow to react and always can’t see the enemy. Even the enemy killed himself without knowing where the enemy was. This is how the enemy reacts faster than yours. One way to solve this problem is to use more FPP to play games. If FPP plays more, the reaction is 0.5S faster than TPP players on average, which is not a small improvement.