PUBG Mobile Guide:Strategies for getting airdrops | PUBG Guide

Observe the location of the airdrop

Make sure that the landing position of the airdrop is in the safe zone, and not too far away from you, it is best to drive the distance in about 1 minute. If you exceed this range or time, you have to be careful that there may be enemies nearby in ambush.

Topography and Architecture

In terms of terrain, players should also pay special attention to mountains, basins, or airdrop supply boxes dropped into buildings. Because these locations are very easy to attract the attention of the enemy, and also help the enemy to hide.

If you encounter the above types of terrain, you can take these two solutions.

1. Secretly observe whether there is an ambushing enemy in a high place, and then approach the airdrop supply box to pick up supplies.2. throw smoke bombs in advance, wait for the smoke to disperse sufficiently, and then approach and pick up the equipment in the supply box. In addition, while picking up materials, the player should also pay attention to adopting a prone posture, so that the character’s body is as close as possible to the box, which is also a cover.3. It is best to open a vehicle to pick up the airdrop so that you can quickly reach the place where the airdrop is landed, and also make it easy to escape.


If it is a four-person team, I suggest that it is best to arrange for two teammates to pick up the supplies, and the other two teammates are responsible for observing the surroundings and driving the vehicle to wait for the response. Unless you are confirming safety, don’t let a group of people rush to the airdrop box to grab supplies, as this can easily be surrounded by the enemy and easily destroyed.