PUBG Mobile: Tips and Tricks to Choice Medical Items in The Final Circle | PUBG Guide

In the PUBG Mobile, if you can survive to the last circle, you’re great, but it also means more danger. At this time, the safe area has shrunk, players have a great chance to encounter the enemy. Before killing the enemy, we should use medical items to improve our health to 100%. Medical items include medical kits, energy drinks, and so on. Mastering the tricks of choosing medical items in the last circle will help you enjoy a chicken dinner.

Most of the players prefer picking up energy drinks in the game. They think that drinking energy drinks in the game takes a short time and can quickly replenish blood. However, this is wrong. The most useful medical item is painkillers because the time to drink painkillers is only two seconds longer than energy drinks, but the added energy value is twice that of energy drinks.

Last but not least, when you enter the last circle, you must prepare adequate medical items. Many times, some enemies will not choose to show up. They will hide in a hidden place and drink energy drinks all the time. If you have enough energy drinks, you will end up eating chicken dinner.