Guan Yu Commanders Guide: The strategy about acquisition methods&skills| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

Acquisition methods

This commander is dedicated to the kingdom for more than 310 days.


1.Saint of War(Active Skill):Inflict direct damage to up to three targets in the front range (factor 2000, halved 1000 as a lieutenant) and silence all injured targets at the same time (as the number of targets increases, each target’s damage will be reduced by 15%).

The first skill is Guan Yu’s core skill, and the range of silence is also unique to the game. Then, looking at the damage coefficient of 2000, this damage is very high. At present, there are only three legendary commanders reaching 2000 and above. Moreover, if you are a lieutenant, the damage caused by a skill will be reduced in general, so try to let you take the lead.

2.Five Tiger Generals(Passive Skill):When attacking a stronghold, increase the damage of the led troops by 15%, and have a 10% probability of reducing the attack power of a single target by 30% for 3 seconds.

It may be that the first skill is too powerful, and the second skill increases basic attack damage instead of skill damage.

3.The Slaying of Hua Xiong(Passive Skill):Increase the 30% attack power and 15% movement speed of the infantry unit led by him, and restore some lightly injured units (coefficient of 1000) after getting out of combat treatment.

The promotion of attributes is very powerful, and it can cooperate with Alexander to move quickly. But it takes skill to get Guan Yu out of the war, after all, he can easily be attacked by the enemy’s concentrated energy.

4.Green Dragon Crescent Blade(Passive Skill):When a skill attacks 1 target, there is a 50% probability of causing an additional damage to the target (coefficient of 1000), when it attacks 2 or more targets, there is a 50% probability of causing an additional damage to the current target (coefficient of 1400).

This single damage is only for the target of the attack, not aoe!

5.Lone Rider New Skill: Passive Skill

When Guan Yu gains the shield, he will gain a 15% increase in skill damage for 3 seconds. Each time Guan Yu leaves the building, he will gain a 100% increase in marching speed for 3 second,

This skill has little effect.