Caesar Commanders Guide: The strategy about acquisition methods&skills&evaluation| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

Acquisition methods

Obtain Caesar from the Tavern Gold Chest


After actual testing, I found that Caesar’s superimposed buff ability can increase the resistance of the creeps. With the treatment, it is simply invincible. And I’m not afraid of the opponent’s heads-up. It looks like it’s not very good, but the mobility is lower than that of the generals of the same level. The other is that if the healing ability is too strong, it will cause a lot of wounded soldiers, which will actually become a drag.

Caesar is a very versatile commander. His skills determine that he can cooperate with most commanders. Although there are shortcomings, it does not affect him. It is worth training.


1.Indomitable Army(Active Skill)

Caesar invigorated his troops, bursting into an astonishing momentum, increased attack defense by 10%, and damage done by 15% for 7 seconds.

2.Divine Julius(Passive Skill)

Caesar’s damage is reduced by 5%. When Caesar’s force is less than 60% of the conscript’s force, the probability of receiving an attack will increase his self-injury by an additional 25%. It lasts for 3 seconds and will only be triggered once within 5 seconds.

3.City Killer9(Passive Skill)

The damage done to Arrow Tower is increased by 10%.

4.The Founders(Passive Skill)

The upper limit of leading troops has been increased by 10%.

5.Ahead of His Time Enchanced: Indomitable Army

Single hit 400 damage coefficient, in the next 5 seconds, the army offensive and defensive +20%, damage output +30%.