Charles Martel Commanders Guide: best strategy to talent trees&pairs| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

1. Charles Martel (Vice General) + Richard I (General)

Both Charlesand Richard are infantry generals, and they are very suitable for fighting with infantry. This combination is especially suitable for field operations. Although this lineup does not have a strong output capability, it has a very strong resistance. It is almost hard to die on the battlefield, and when the opponent sees you as a combination of Charlesand Richard, it will hardly attack you.

The function of this combination is to disgust the cavalry unit on the opposite side. In addition, the infantry itself restrains the cavalry. The double frankness of Richard and Charlesmakes this combination very powerful against the cavalry. In addition, the greatest advantage of cavalry lies in its speed. Richard’s deceleration can precisely reduce the ability of the opposing cavalry to fight roundabouts.

2. Charles Martel(General) + Yi Seong-Gye(Vice General)

This is a very powerful combination of garrison generals before kvk2 and kvk2. Both Yi Seong-Gyeand Charleshave garrison skills, and Yi Seong-Gye’s skills can attack multiple teams and have a 360° attack range. The existence of Yi Seong-Gyecan reduce the opposition. The possibility of multiple teams beating you.

Charles Martel’s active skills have 4 seconds to increase all damage attributes after the release, and Yi Seong-Gye’s skill damage coefficient itself is very high. With the addition of damage, Yi Seong-Gyecan play a very powerful output.

This combination is also suitable for team battles. Charles’s tank defense combined with Yi Seong-Gye’s large-scale AOE skill damage can make this combination also have enough excellent performance in the field.

3. Charles Martel(General) + Scipio (Vice General)

This combination is an early match. We said before that Charles’s main damage comes from his counterattack damage, and Scipio is also a general who relies on counterattack to cause damage. In addition, Scipio’s skills can reduce the damage received. Together with Charles Martel’s own frankness, this combination is very resistant to beatings. It is a combination that is very suitable for standing in the front row to absorb damage in the early stage.

5. Charles Martel(General) + Caesar (Vice General)

This combination is a better substitute for Scipia, and the Caesar of 5511 can play a greater role than the awakened Scipia. This combination is also very suitable for the early stage. But from the point of view of defense. This combination is not comparable to Richard’s combination, so when you have Richard, you can replace Caesar with Richard.

6. Charles Martel+ Alexander

Charles Marteland Alexander can be said to be a perfect combination, not only for assembly, but also for field operations. This is a double shield combination. When there are many soldiers, the growth coefficient of the shield is not high. On the contrary, the benefit of this double shield combination is very high. After a shield is destroyed, a new shield can be spawned immediately.

And Alexander’s benefit bonus in the wild can make this combination very eye-catching in k2, and Alexander’s output is a basic attack output, which has a probability of hitting other people’s damage coefficient of damage, which makes up for some of the lack of Charles Martel’s output. Shortcomings.

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