Charles Martel Commanders Guide: The strategy about acquisition methods&skills

The method of obtaining

Charles Martelcan be obtained by using the golden key of the tavern and the activity ranking of the strongest archon. When you awaken the daily gift pack generals, you can get it from the daily gift pack.

Skill introduction

1.Shield of Francia(Active Skil)

Charlesimmediately activated a shield, which can absorb a lot of damage for his troops in the next 4 seconds (damage factor 1200), and the damage caused by his troops during this period is increased by 30% at the same time.

As can be seen from the skill description, this is not a powerful output skill, but it is a powerful damage-absorbing skill, and Charles’s output is normal attack damage and counterattack damage. The 30% increase in damage is also very suitable for this. Attributes,Charlescan also be matched with skill output type generals (vices). When Charlesreleases the skills, it can increase the skill damage of the deputy.

2.Heavy Infantry(Passive Skill)

Increase the defense and health of the infantry unit led by 15% (20%), (increase the marching speed of the infantry unit led by 20%)

Infantry is an army with good defensive power and offensive power. The attribute increase value brought by this skill is very high. Among the skills of all generals, Charlesis already in the first echelon. Moreover, because the infantry is a heavy-loaded unit, there is a fatal flaw that the movement speed is extremely slow, and Charles’s increased movement speed just compensates for the slow movement of the infantry.

3.The Uncrowned King(Passive Skill)

As the garrison commander, increase the guard tower’s defense power by 10% and the garrison troops’ attack power by 10%.

The existence of this skill is the reason why Charlescan stand out among many generations of generals! In a generation of generals, there are very few legendary generals who can serve as garrisons, and Charlesis one of them. In the first season of kvk In, Charlesis arguably the most powerful garrison commander.

4.Martel’s Counterattack(Passive Skill)

Increases 30% of the counterattack damage of the troops led.

Since Charles’s active skills do not cause any damage,his main output comes from ordinary attack damage and counterattack damage, and this skill can increase the troop’s 30% counterattack damage, which can be regarded as a certain degree of compensation. The shortcomings of hisinsufficient output.

the order of skill upgrade