Minamoto no Yoshitsune Commanders Guide: The strategy about acquisition methods&skills

acquisition methods

Minamoto no Yoshitsuneis obtained by daily gift packs. Each daily treasure chest contains his treasure chest. There is a 35% probability of obtaining 1-10 Minamoto no Yoshitsunestatues, which means that there is a one-third probability. Get the statue. If you are lucky, a few days will be enough to get the source Minamoto no Yoshitsune

However, it is very difficult to awaken Minamoto no Yoshitsune. You can only open the golden key to awaken Minamoto no Yoshitsune. There is no additional way to obtain it. As for whether it is worth it, players should consider their own economic aspects.


Kyohachiryu(Active Skill)

1400 damage + 50% chance of 600 damage per second within 2 seconds.

Trial in Kurama-dera(Passive Skill)

Damage to barbarians increased by 10%.

Master of Kendo(Passive Skill)

Cavalry speed increased by +5%, attack power +10%.

Warlord(Passive Skill)

Every 3 seconds, there is a 50% chance to remove one of its own negative effects and increase defense power by 10% for 1 round.

Kyohachiryu KiwamiEnhanced: Kyohachiryu

-Change to 1400 coefficient damage + 75% chance of 600 coefficient damage per second within 2 seconds.