Joan of Arc Commanders Guide: The strategy about acquisition methods&skills&evaluation| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

Acquisition methods:

1. Gold and silver treasure chest

2. Purple statue

3. Expedition Store

4.The original commander of France


Divine Revelation(Active Skill):

In the next 5 seconds, surrounding allies will gain +15% life for infantry, +15% cavalry defense, +15% attack power for archers, and increase the speed of all anger accumulation by 20%.

The Maid of Orléans(Passive Skill):

The collection efficiency is increased by 30%, and the weight of the troops is increased by 10%.

Holy Refuge(Passive Skill):

Joan’s troops have a 20% chance to recover the wounded each time they attack, and it can be triggered at most once within 5 seconds.

Saint(Passive Skill0):

Damage taken is reduced by 20%.

Descent of the Goddess Enchanced: Divine Revelation

Within 4 seconds, you and your surrounding allies will gain +30% health from step, ride +30% defense, bow +30% attack, and return 50 rage per second.


Because of Joan of Arc’s many uses, it is suitable for almost everyone. After all, in addition to the legendary generals, there are only 4 generals with gathering talents in this game, and you cannot gather the five teams for gathering. And Jeanne is one of them with gathering talents, which can greatly speed up your resource collection efficiency. !

First of all, because Joan has the buff, we have to control the troops not to be besieged when fighting, so we must not send Joan on the battlefield as the main general. Although her skill range is not small, we also need to operate the troops where Joan is located to go to where more friendly troops are located, so that her buff will benefit more teammates.