Boudica Commanders Guide:best strategy to talent trees&pairs| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

Pairs recommend

1.Boudica (commander) + any generals who need to be upgraded

It can improve the experience gained by the jungler and save 10 physical strength.

2. Boudica + generals with high arbitrary damage coefficient

You can cooperate with Sun Wu and Herman in the early stage. Actually, fighting is really not recommended. Boudica’s skills and talents are very suitable for junglers.

Boudicacan be said to be a very valuable general in the game. As long as you are playing the game, you need to be a jungler. Boudicais almost the first choice for your friends. The best hero of the jungle, and this hero does not require players to train and upgrade, as long as she is allowed to go to the jungle, she will become stronger and stronger. Whether it is a civilian or a novice, it is worth training her to be a jungler.

Talent building