Hermann Commanders Guide: The strategy about acquisition methods&skills| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

Acquisition methods

You can get him from the expedition shop


Ambus(Active Skill)

Inflict a lot of damage to the target (damage coefficient 750, awakening 1150), reduce its anger by 100, and silence it for the next two seconds, unable to release skills. From the point of view of the damage of a skill, it is 150 higher than Cid’s skill 1000. If silent, Wu Zetian has a probability of triggering, and Guan Yu actively triggers the effect for 3 seconds, coupled with the effect of reducing anger, Herman is not bad.

Military Genius(Passive Skil)

The attack power of the led archer unit is increased by 10%, and the marching speed is increased by 10%. Arms gain attributes can run very fast with Cid half-blood, but don’t invest in Cid.

Legend of Teutoburge(Passive Skill): increase garrison skills and attack power by 7%. The garrison skills are not explained, and he is not recommended to the garrison. You can use Sun Tzu to garrison in the early stage.National Her(Passive Skill)The normal attack damage of the led troops is increased by 10%, and each normal attack has a 10% probability of gaining an additional 100 rage. How to say it, probabilistic skills depend on luck, all skills are considered good in the purple hero.