Scipio Commanders Guide: best strategy to talent trees&pairs| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

pairs recommended

1. Scipio (commander) + Sun Tzu. (vice commander)

Scipio is a more powerful hero in the early game, so it’s best to match the generals to suit the whole period. To reduce the cost of fighting and training generals, the first recommendation is Sun Tzu.

Since Scipio does not have any output skills, it can be combined with Sun Wu’s skills to increase Scipio’s damage. And this combination can also be used to garrison the commandercity in the early stage, Scipio’s damage reduction attribute, Sun Tzu also has a skill that can reduce the damage the troops receive. It is relatively easy to use in the early stage, but in the middle stage, you need to change to a better combination to garrison!

2. Scipio (commander) + Jeanne of Arc (vice commander)

Like his grandson, Joan is a military commander who can be used throughout the period. At the beginning, we introduced that since there were not too many arms in the early stage, Scipio used mixed soldiers in the early stage, and the skills of Joan of Arc just can improve the attributes of each arms.

3. Caesar (commander) + Scipio (vice commander)

This combination can be used to siege the city. Caesar’s skills are basically an enhanced version of Scipio, while Caesar has reduced the defense on the opposite side, and Scipio has increased his output, complementing each other to produce higher damage. In addition, the increase in the capacity of Caesar and Scipio allows us to carry a large number of troops. The difference in the number of troops will bring terror to both sides of the battle. When the difference in number is very large, it can even directly destroy the opposing troops.

Talent building