Scipio Commanders Guide: The strategy about acquisition methods&skills| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

acquisition methods

Players can choose Roman civilization at the beginning of the game to get Scipio, and there is a chance to get him by opening silver treasure chests and golden treasure chests.

Skill introduction

Military Life (active skill): In the next five seconds, the damage taken by the troops under the leadership will be reduced by 25%, and the counterattack damage will be increased by 25%

The existence of this skill has improved Scipio’s survivability. Since Scipio can carry a relatively large amount of troops, if there is no survivability skill, these troops will seem to be large but they will become paper tigers, allowing themselves to meet on the battlefield. Suffering more damage, not worth the loss, and this skill just greatly improved Scipio’s survivability.

Patient Warrior (passive skills) (total capture (awakening)):

When under attack, Scipio has a 10% (15%) probability to increase the attack power of the leader by 100% in the next 1 (2) seconds, triggering once every 5 seconds. When the strength of the troops led by Scipio is less than 40%, there is a 10% (15%) probability of additional treatment and recovery of some lightly injured units when being attacked, with a treatment coefficient of 450 (500).

The first skill is to improve Scipio’s survivability, and the second skill is to increase Scipio’s output ability. With the existence of the first skill, Scipiobecomes a general with both output and survivability. .

Conqueror of Africa(passive skill): When attacking other Archons’ cities, all damage increases by 7%

Compared with other skills, this skill has nothing to dazzle, especially for civilians, siege is very unfriendly.

Genuine Aristocracy(Passive Skill): Increase the maximum capacity of the troops led by 10%

This skill is very important for Scipio, because in the game, the number of soldiers largely determines everyone’s ability on the battlefield. In the case of the same technology and the same general, it does not mean that you have 10% more soldiers than the opponent, but the number of him seriously injured or killed is only 10% more than you. This number gap is an exponential increase, that is to say, the number of soldiers is different. The larger the number, the more soldiers you will be injured than the opponent.

Technology priority upgrade order