Cid Commanders Guide: The strategy about acquisition methods&skills| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

Acquisition methods

There are four main types: Golden Key, and the third round of The Mightiest Governor events.Cid is one of the few generals that can be drawn from treasure chests with golden keys, and there are many activities to obtain golden keys in the game.


Famous Warrior(Active Skill)

Deal damage (500/600/700/800/1000) and make it unable to use basic attacks and skills for the next second

Skill evaluation

The low damage coefficient of this skill is pitiful, not as good as the purple archer general Hermann. The opposing team just won’t attack, but the counterattack damage should be as much as it should be, and Cid’s counterattack damage is not consumed this round. It looks like the damage of both sides has decreased this round.

In general, using an average of ten rounds to play a skill is equivalent to reducing the opponent’s anger by 100 points, which is equivalent to Hermann, and secondly equivalent to the opponent’s inability to trigger basic attack special effects (such as Yuan’s 4 skills, Cao Cao’s 4 skills) Cid, as a skill system, has a skill cycle of 8 rounds, so the opponent cannot perform a general attack every 8 rounds. The original special effect that triggers once every 10 rounds will be extended to an average of 11.1 rounds, which is about 9% of the triggers. Probability, there is not much difference, like a decent purple general skill, as a golden general is too weak.

Poem of El Cid(Passive Skill)

Basic attacks have a 10% chance of triggering additional (500/600/700/800/1000) damage

Skill evaluation

Very weak skills, compared with the purple archer general Kusunoki Masashigefour skills have 450*2=900 points of damage, the same probability as Alexander than Alexander but has a coefficient of 1700 with a debuff effect, and it is like a purple general skill, as The golden general is too weak.

Guardian of Valencia(Passive Skill)

Archer defense +(10/12/14/16/20)%, movement speed +(5/7/9/12/15)%

Skill evaluation

This skill is still very weak

Unyielding(Passive Skill)

Under half blood damage increased by (5/10/15/20/25)%, marching speed increased by (5/10/15/20/25)%

Skill evaluation

At half blood, the force gap should have been widened in the early stage. At this time, another injury increase is hard to come back. Unless no one fights oneself in a melee, it can have a better effect.

Out of Control New skill: Passive Skill

+5% offensive and defensive archers, 2% damage to infantry

Skill evaluation

The five-point offense and defense can be regarded as making up the gap between the two skills, balance, but no bright spot.