Aethelflæd Commanders Guide: best talent tree| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

Since Aethelflæd’s three talents are quite different, we will not directly recommend you a complete talent map here. We will analyze the effects of the three talents separately. The main choice depends on your positioning of Aethelflæd.

1. If you use Aethelflædas a jungler, you must have a talent for jungler. Knowing this talent can reduce your action ability when you are jungler by 10 points, which can greatly save your physical strength. In addition, Aethelflædhas a wide range of AOE skills, so the talent for combating power is also particularly suitable for Aethelflæd, who can fight multiple barbarians at the same time, thereby obtaining a large amount of resource treasure chests.

2. The last jailbreak in this talent is tailor-made for Aethelflæd. When we introduced the skills before, we said that Aethelflædwill increase the damage to the troops that receive the deceleration effect, and this talent It just can strengthen the effectiveness of Aethelflæd’s deceleration. Since Aethelflædcan increase the damage as long as the opponent is decelerated, only one level of the stab cage is needed. And the supporttalent will increase the frequency of skill release, which is very suitable for field battles, using the debuff effect of active skills to give the opponent an advantage.

3. Leadership This talent is more for Aethelflædto bring benefits of mixed soldiers, because the talent of the leader can increase the capacity of the troops. This game is still very effective in suppressing the number of troops. When the number of your troops far exceeds the number of the opponent’s troops, your kill ratio will increase. And the leader happens to increase the upper limit of your troop capacity, which is also a talent that is very suitable for field battles.

A. If you are aiming at fighting barbarians and walled cities, your talent choice should be a jungle-based choice, supplemented by leader talent.

B. If you are targeting the field, the talent selection will be the choice of supporting the main leader.

C. This talent is for reference only, the specific talent selection depends on your own needs