Æthelflæd Commanders Guide: best commander pairs| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

Pairing recommendation

1. Æthelflæd (commander) + Yi Seong-Gye (vice commander)

The biggest feature of this combination is that it has a large range of AOE damage. The principle is to use Æthelflæd’s skill to reduce defense and health to give the opponent the debuff breaking effect, and then Yi Seong-Gyecan be broken immediately on the opposite side. Attributes bring super high skill damage. Because Æthelflædand Yi Seong-Gyeboth have a wide range of AOE skills, we can achieve very terrifying output in team battles.

Disadvantages: Since it is a combination of ultra-high output, it is unavoidable that it is very easy to die. If the opposing player is experienced, they will often set fire to attack your troops, making it difficult for their troops to survive. This is the shortcoming of high output that is too fragile.

2. Æthelflæd (commander) + Joan of Arc (vice commander)

The biggest feature of this combination is its powerful auxiliary effect. The debuff brought by Æthelflædis applied to the opponent, and Jeanne can bring buff gains to teammates. And the buff benefit that Jeanne brings is very suitable for Æthelflæd’s mixed soldier attribute. When Æthelflæd’s army can have three or more troops, the damage can be increased. The attribute gains that Jeanne brings can bring benefits to infantry, archers and cavalry. It can be said that Jeanne and Æthelflædare very compatible.

Disadvantages: The output of this unit is low, but the increase in output for teammates can make up for or even much higher than its own output.

3. Æthelflæd (deputy) + Richard I (main)

The biggest feature of this combination is deceleration, both of Richard’s active skills and awakening skills can decelerate. Æthelflæd’s awakening skill will cause more damage to enemies that slow down. This combination is mainly for psychological warfare, because most people match Richard’s military as Charlie Matt. This combination is almost the least likely to be killed in this game, so most people see Richard as the main player. Generally, you don’t give priority to attacking. Of course, others can also judge what your lieutenant is through the animation of the skill release. However, we can hardly take into account too much in general team battles because there are too many places to operate.

Disadvantages: The effect is relatively poor in headwind situations, and it is difficult to escape when headwind, causing your own troops to be ruined on the battlefield. In a tailwind situation, you can achieve a control effect by decelerating to prevent the opponent from escaping.

4. Æthelflæd (main) + Sun Tzu (deputy)

This combination is similar to the principle of Æthelflædand Yi Seong-Gye. This is more suitable for players who do not have Yi Seong-Gye. Since Sun Tzucan recover anger when releasing skills, the difference between this combination and Yi Seong-Gye’s combination is that the skills are released more frequently but hurt Not that high.

5. Æthelflæd (main) + Hannibal (deputy)

Since Æthelflædand Hannibal are both masters with mixed-soldier attributes, the biggest feature of this combination is the mixed-soldier advantage. The second is the double range reduction effect of Hannibal and Æthelflæd. PS: The effect of game mechanics to reduce defense will not be superimposed! ! ! We can choose Hannibal as the lieutenant. Since Hannibal’s skill lasts for 5 seconds, while Æthelflæd’s skill lasts only 2 seconds, combined with the main general’s first attack skill mechanism, although the defense reduction effect cannot be superimposed, but We can still make the opponent get a longer defense time.

Disadvantages: Hannibal’s awakening is very difficult