Constantine I Commanders Guide:best strategy to talent trees&pairs| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

Pairing recommendation

Alexander+Constantine I

Alexander provided Constantine Iwith a stronger defensive ability and a stronger defensive buff. In addition, Alexander can also use active skills to reduce damage by 40%. This pair of generals can easily resist the generals who output explosions on the battlefield.If you don’t have Alexander, you can use Charles Martel instead. His defense is slightly worse, but it can increase the soldier’s speed.

Charles Martel+Constantine I

Mattel is also a good choice. He is also very easy to use, can provide extra defensive buff, and can cause a lot of damage. He also has a shield that can reduce the output of some enemies to you.

Richard+Constantine I

Richard is considered a good general, can almost absorb most of the output. He also has strong self-healing ability and debuff effect, and can weaken up to 5 targets. In terms of the effect of AOE skills in defending the city, Richard is one of the best generals in the game. What’s more, with Constantine, you have a lot of HP advantage, Richard also has a super recovery ability, this pair of complementary complements and mutual assistance is simply invincible~

Sun Tzu+Constantine I

If you want players who have both the talent of garrison generals and the flexibility to play on the court, choosing Sun Tzu can add a lot of interesting changes to the game. He has AOE splash damage, can hit up to 5 targets, and the damage can also cause a certain degree of explosion.

Talent building

Infantry| Garrison |Support