Constantine I Guide: acquisition methods&skills&evaluation| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

Acquisition methods

The Mightiest Governor.


Edict of Milan(Active Skill): Reduce the enemy’s attack power within 5 seconds and increase the damage reduction of friendly forces and yourself. It is a support skill.Allegiance(Passive Skill): Increase the health of infantry. For infantry, the increase of health is higher than the value of defense!Impasse(Passive Skill): Garrison skills increase the attack power of the guard tower and garrison troops, and reduce the damage of cavalry general attack! The ability of Constantine I was added to Constantine I after weakening Attila in the new version, in order to allow him to target Attila.Cross of the Divine(Passive Skill): Reduce the strength to half to get a powerful healing effect, and the healing effect below half-blood is reduced but the shield is improved.Sole Augustus New skill: Passive Skill: The simple and clear skill is to increase attack power and defense power. If you use this hero to the garrison, then all the units in the city will be improved.


In the game, we have many commanders to choose from, among which Constantine I is a very powerful auxiliary role. Skills can greatly improve the defense of our troops and effectively strengthen our survivability. If he is allowed to act as the garrison commander, he must be awakened, which is very costly.