Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss Guides:Account value calculation strategy

1#Key factors affecting account price

Total power fast

The power fastis not to look at the level of numbers, but to see what your king’s league (the top four alliances) requires for joining! Entering the top four leagues, there are bound to be many boxes. Of course, the top four also scored, first and second. With the progress of different kingdoms, this value is floating.The full-level construction combat power is 18 million. The full-level technological combat power (full T5) is 31 million. In addition, it is the combat power of the troops and the commander-in-chief. (Single T5 as a whole is about 38 million to 42 million ).

Awakening Generals

The number of awakened generals will further determine the price of your account. Cao Cao must be awakened. If there are more advanced awakened generals, such as Richard, then the price of your account will be higher. Because if you buy an account that has no awakened generals, it is better to recharge own account to let the generals awaken.

VIP points, if you are still easy to improve in The Alliance Occupying the Temple, it is not a key element. It can be upgraded without spending money, so it is just a barrier to entry. VIPs who can join the King League are not low. At least they are at least VIP11 or above!Killing may not have many people paying attention to this indicator in the early stage, and it may become an element of entering the king league in the future. The number of kills for T4 and T5 is exchanged for our troops. Therefore, this indicator also needs to be replaced by resources and time. This is a bonus item.The number of gold heads. You may have seen the full awakening account, others are wasteful for most people. Golden heads should be spent on powerful generals. The first generation of military commanders is stronger than the first generation. By K3, you rarely see K1 generals, and you can only press the bottom of the box when you are fully awakened. The number of gold heads is very critical.6. The number of diamonds. The number of diamonds is a key to the subsequent solution task. Such as festival activities, conformity agreement, the strongest archon and so on. There is no future without diamonds.Achievement skin. Skin is also one of the important indicators, but it is not a key indicator. Of course, the higher the achievement, the more money is spent.Speed up. Acceleration = combat power. Even accounts that have been cleared can be quickly restored. If it is an account that has not issued T5 or all T5 accounts, acceleration also represents the time for T5.Purple generals. The purple generals are worthless, and they are all awakened in the later stages.Equipment. At present, the content of the official main push is even more important than the generals. After all, the military will be eliminated, but the equipment will not. The more exclusive purple and above equipment is produced, the higher the account value will be.Immigration. There is no rookie kingdom beyond 120. Therefore, it is very potential for high quality numbers below 3500W to finish K1. Immigration orders can be exchanged for Union currency, which is not a problem.

2#The tiered principle of account selection

Total power fast= quantity and quality of golden awakened generals = acceleration and resourcesNumber of gold heads = VIP points = number of diamonds = immigrationKill=skin=equipment

3#About the number of soldiers

Many people value military strength very seriously, because only soldiers can fight! That’s right. Soldiers are used for fighting. If they are not used for fighting, they can only stay at home. For players who have not reached T5, not fighting is excessive consumption. So in the KVK stage, there are as many soldiers as possible, then enough after the KVK is over. In short, don’t pay too much attention to the number of soldiers when buying a number, just use enough.