Best APelagius Guide: acquisition methods&skills&evaluation| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

acquisition methods

1. Gold and silver treasure chest

2. Purple statue

3. Expedition Store

4. Spain’s initial commander

5.Related activities


Charge(Active Skill): Inflict direct damage to the target once, and cause it to receive additional damage every second for the next 2 seconds, and gain one hundred rage points after releasing the skill.

Direct damage plus additional damage. In an epic-level commander, the damage is okay. Sun Wu worships Barr for 1,000, but he has a 100 anger recovery, which means he can release his skills faster.

Founder of Asturias(Passive Skill): the attack power and defense power of the cavalry led by 10%Retaking Lost Territory(Passive Skill):  When serving as the garrison commander, increase the attack power of troops and guard towers. Remind everyone not to garrison him, because he is not strong enough unless other commanders can’t come back to use emergency response, Sun Tzu garrison in the early game is enough.The Mutineer(Passive Skill): The normal attack of the troops has a 10% chance of recovering a part of lightly injured units every second for the next 2 seconds. The coefficient is 450. Although there are 2 seconds, as a purple commander, this recovery skill is not bad.Oath of Asseuua Enhanced: Founder of Asturias: Enhance the second skill, the enhancement effect has been strengthened from 10% to 15%. Compared with other epic commanders, this skill is also good.


APelagiusis a very good cavalry general. He has the attributes of regenerating blood and anger and has certain defensive capabilities. He is a very comprehensive cavalry general. However, cavalry will not be used to defend the city in most cases, so it is not recommended to be a city defender.