Saladin Commanders Guide:best strategy to talent trees&pairs| Rise of Kingdoms Commanderss

Pairing recommendation

1. Saladin (commander) + Genghis Khan (vice commander)

Advantages: defensive and high damage

Disadvantages: Poor mobility, Genghis Khan is attacked, he will receive the deceleration effect, and he can hardly run away after being caught up by the enemy.

Applicable occasions: assembly, field battle, siege

2. Saladin (commander) + Takeda Shingen (vice commander)

This is the strongest defensive combination among the cavalry, not one of them.

Combination advantage: The defense is super high. Saladin’s skill damage plus Takeda Shingen‘s basic attack damage and blood recovery can also produce good damage. After all, the long-lived fight will cause more damage.

Disadvantages: the same mobility is poor, Takeda Shingen only has the probability to accelerate, if it is caught up, it will not run

Applicable occasions: field battle, garrison

3. Saladin (commander) + Minamoto no Yoshitsune

(vice commander)

If Saladin is not used to siege 5551, it can be used, plus the source is the best legendary general.

Advantages: Saladin provides defense, Minamoto no Yoshitsune provides damage, which is definitely better than Minamoto no Yoshitsune+ Cao Cao.

Disadvantages: poor heads-up ability

Applicable occasions: field battle

4. Saladin (commander) + Baibars (vice commander)

Advantages: Both heroes can slow down, and Baibarscan also provide aoe.

Disadvantages: not as strong as the golden hero, belonging to the auxiliary combination

Applicable occasions: field battles, team battles

5. Saladin (commander) + Caesar (vice commander)

The siege combination, before there is a better siege combination, this combination can have a good effect.

Disadvantages: very strong in the early stage

Insufficient combination: This combination is affected by the progress of the game. When heroes such as Alexander and Edward appear, the intensity becomes smaller.

Applicable occasions: Siege

Talent building