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acquisition methods

He is obtained exclusively fromThe Mightiest Governor.

Hold Fast(Active Skill): Direct damage to the target. Soldiers reduce the target’s marching speed and the healing effect received in the next five seconds. This skill is the most suitable for attacking Richard. They are also enemies in history.Ghulams(Passive Skill): Improve the cavalry’s defense, attack and marching speed.Bond of Fate(Passive Skill): The damage received by the skill is reduced, the counterattack damage is reduced, and the infantry counterattack damage is high. The skills here plus the second skill defense bonus make the cavalry led by Saladin have the ability to compete with the infantryGenerosity(Passive Skill): Siege skills, increase the damage to the garrison troops, but can not plunder resources.Praise the Creator Enhanced: Hold Fast: Strengthen a skill, increase 300 damage, reduce the deceleration effect by 20%, and reduce the enemy’s healing effect by 10%.


Saladin, as a hero who can fight against infantry in the early stage, is still worth training. Of course, if the gold head is limited, 5551 can be used. This hero has poor mobility, but it can be placed there for you to fight. It belongs to the position type and can also provide support. Players who play cavalry should try not to miss it. Only Saladin and Genghis Khan are the only ones with strong combat ability in the wild area.