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The enemy of this level is Revived Primo Geovishap, which has no blood lock mechanism, so there are many team combinations to choose from. Facing Primo Geovishap, the supporting characters in the team should be characters with shield: Zhongli,Noelle, Diona. If there is a character with shield skills in the team, the other characters can be changed according to their own team.

Note : if you bring a character with shield skills, after Primo Geovishap suffers backlash, the reduced resistance and reduced BUFF do not need to be checked. The HP of Primo Geovishap can be increased by 25%. If you use ice elemental characters and mines The main output is for the character, so there is no need to check the resistance. Primo Geovishap increases the blood volume by 25%.

Recommended Difficulty Settings and Flairs

 Time selection: 120 seconds Opponent’s HP increase by 0% Opponent’s ATK increased by 20%.The number of Primo Geovishap scale explosion increased: Continuously causes explosions:Character unleases shockwaves when they sprint. Every party can trigger this once every 8s. For 8 seconds after sprinting, DMG taken by party members controlled by that player is increased by::50%ATK reduced by 15%: uncheck ATK reduced by 25%: uncheck

Recommended Team


  The advantage of this team is that the release of skills is very fast, and it can continue to cause high-frequency elemental reactions. The continuous reaction of the skills of the four characters causes high damage. If a part of the damage is sacrificed to ensure replenishment of energy, a skill cycle can be achieved.

Operation skills:

Primo Geovishap is extremely resistant within 10 seconds of the start. All characters stand still, and start the skill cycle at 1 minute and 50 seconds. Bennett’s elemental skills + Xiangling elemental skills and elemental burst + Kaeyaelemental skills + Autumn elemental skills After the explosion with the elements, the roles are switched. During the duration of the first wave of explosions, the four characters’ small skills are used to continuously replenish energy. After the energy is replenished, the second cycle begins.

  The position of Kaia with a shield can be counter the Revived Primo Geovishap’s Primordial Shower. If you have a character with a shield, you must replace Kaia.