Diona -best team composition|Genshin Impact Characters Guide | Genshin Impact Guide

Vice carry Team: Reze + Diona + Xingqiu + Anemo character

This team is very practical. Diona uses elemental burst skills to add Cryoattributes, autumn elemental skills freeze + ElectroCryobreaking. In addition, the Cryoand Electrosystems trigger Superconductreactions, which can break the enemy’s defense and give Rezer’s overall output ability.

Main carry team: Diona + Mona + Diluc + Bennett

This team’s damage is very high. Mona throws elemental skills to increase the water attribute, Bennett uses elemental burst skills, and Diona uses elemental bursts, and then replaces Dilucto attack. Because the fire element triggers a melting reaction when the Cryobreaks. Used to increase additional output capabilities, Bennett’s elemental burst and double-fire elemental teams can also increase the team’s attack power;

Other teams:

The four roles of Diona, Xiangling, Fischland Barbara are matched, and the effect is still very good.

team explanation:

This team method is still very stable, and the elemental response is very strong, and it can deal a lot of damage;

Both Diona and Barbara can control the enemy, using Xiangling’s Cryo breaking or evaporation to instantly maximize damage;

In addition, the emperor can also perform remote output, and Barbara can restore blood volume in addition to matching the role.

Diona’s elemental skills can hit a very large Cryoelemental area;In this area, all the characters’ ordinary attacks have Cryoelemental damage, and the effect of matching elemental burst is very good.