Diona- Best Build| Artifacts&Weapons|Genshin Impact Characters Guide | Genshin Impact Guide


1. Instructor

Pyrocharacters have always possessed extremely strong explosive and suppressive power. In regular cooperation, we usually cooperate with Xingqiu to produce 1.5 times the Vaporizefrequently. When Audi carries the Instructor, while providing a certain shield and increasing blood, elemental skills can quickly trigger the 120-point proficiency bonus effect for the entire team of Instructor4 pieces, which will increase the output of the Pyrosystem by another level.

And if your Diona has 6 constellations, you can reach 320 points of mastery bonus. Can add 1.5 times the damage to the evaporation and melting effects.

Tips:you must continue to attack after Diona’s skills hit the enemy. Because whether it is Instructor4 or weapon special effects, they must be triggered after they actually react or cause damage.Therefore, under normal circumstances, the Pyroelement character carry needs to VaporizeandMelt, and it can be matched with Diona who has a 4-piece Instructor.

2.Noblesse Oblige

The effect of Noblesse Oblige allows your Carry to get a 20% attack power bonus for a long time. And this set of equipment does not require proficiency to wear on Diona, so it can also release more resources for your vice Carry to wear higher specifications of output equipment.

3. Maiden Beloved 2 pieces + Tenacity of the Millelith 2 pieces

These two artifacts can increase the healing effect and maximum health.

The only thing to pay attention to is that, no matter what kind of outfit, Diona’s most needed attribute is health, followed by healing and energy.


T0: Favonius Warbow, Sacrificial Bow

These two bows can enhance the efficiency of Diona’s character elements to replenish energy. Favonius Warbow can provide additional elemental energy recovery, while Sacrificial Bow has a chance to refresh the character skill cd. Both bows can provide Diona with a good bonus. effect.

T1: The Stringless

Diona with The Stringless is mainly used as a secondary Carry to play elemental reactions with other characters. The Elemental Mastery bonus of The Stringless can make Diona’s Cryoelement react with other elements to cause higher damage. At the same time, The Stringless itself can also improve elemental skills and the damage caused by elemental bursts, achieving two goals with one stone.