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Early artifact: Berserker

2-piece effect: CRIT Rate increased by 15%

4-piece effect: When the health value is less than 70%, the CRIT Rate is increased by an additional 25%.

Mid-term artifact : Gladiator’s Finale

2-piece effect: base attack power increased by 20%

4-piece effect: One-handed sword, two-handed sword, and spear character, the damage caused by the character’s ordinary attack is increased by 40%.

Latter-day artifact: Crimson Witch of Flames

2-piece effect: 15% Pyroelement damage bonus

4-piece effect: the damage caused by Overloadedand combustion reaction is increased by 25%, and the addition coefficient of VaporizeandMeltreaction is increased by 15%. Within 10 seconds after the elemental combat maneuver is cast, the effect of the two-piece suit is increased by 50%, and this effect can stack up to 3 times.

As a character that locates the violent output of the Pyrosystem, Diluchas a higher critical strike rate and attack power suit effect, especially the Crimson Witch of Flames, which is more like his exclusive holy relic, and all his attributes can be perfectly combined.


Diluc (physical damage):Wolf’s Gravestone>Blackcliff Slasher>Skyward Pride>Lithic Blade>Prototype Archaic>Royal Greatsword


The reason for the low ranking of Skyward Pride is that its main attribute is element charging efficiency, which reduces the panel dph too much, and Lithic Blade is actually very profitable.

Diluc (Elemental Damage):Skyward Pride>Wolf’s Gravestone>Rainslasher (with Hydro element)>Royal Greatsword


In fact, if the Elemental Team Dilucdoes not have Skyward Pride and Rainslasher, the damage will not be too high. Elemental Diluc’s teammate is Mona, so there is no five-star weapon, Rainslasher can be used, but if you want to cause a melting reaction, Rainslasher is not as good as Royal Greatsword , Other swords are similar. Regarding Lu and Chongyun, it should be possible to fight relatively high damage, but it is too difficult to use two big swords, and you must save your energy in advance.