Character tier list|Which character should the beginner choose -Genshin Impact | Genshin Impact Guide

Ganyu: 1 vs. 1 ability S ;1 ability S.Xiao:1vs. 1ability A +; 1 vs. Group ability S+.Hutao: 1 vs. 1 ability S ;1 vs. Group ability A-.Ganyu: 4vs.1 ability S ; ability S.Xiao: 4 vs. 1 ability S- ;4 vs. group capability S+.Hutao: 4 vs.1 ability S+ ;4 ability S-.Tips: The above conditions are all performances of the three people in an ideal environment without any bonuses, all of which are 6 constellation characters with weapons.Conclusion: Ganyu can adapt to various environments regardless of the 1 team, but Hutao and Mandrill are completely opposite to the 1 and the group, and can form a good complementarity. On the whole, Ganyu ranks first, with mandrill and Hutao being the same.

Ordinary players with 0 constellations give priority to recommending Ganyu and Mandrill. Hutao is more dependent on weapons and constellations. No good weapons and constellations are better than Ganyu and Mandrill! It is highly recommended for novices!

Xiao’s weapon is Deathmatch, Blackcliff Pole or Lithic Spear. (If there is none, it will be very weak.) In Ganyu, Amos’ Bow is recommended for training first, the same goes for Mandrill, and the same for Hutao.

Gan Yu is very strong, but it is more dependent on the output environment. Mandrill and Hutao can avoid a lot of damage by relying on their own output mechanism. Ganyu does not have a shield to protect and requires good operation. Of course, if you bring a character who can increase the shield, Ganyu is more practical.