Diona – Best Build|Skills, weapons, artifacts and more|Genshin Impact | Genshin Impact Guide

Diona is a full-featured character that can increase shields, increase movement speed, reduce endurance consumption, and reduce enemy attacks.

Character level: Level 60 breaks through Level 4 (Unlock all the talents)Weapon: Sacrificial Bow>Favonius Warbow

   Sacrificial Bow can increase the shield during actual combat, and Favonius Warbow can replenish energy to quickly enlarge the move.

Artifact: Maiden Beloved 2 pieces (increases the amount of health returned, can be matched with other artifacts)Talent bonus recommendation: primary E and secondary Q, normal attacks are not upgraded (The priority is to upgrade the skills to upgrade the shield, followed by the big move to restore the blood, and you can upgrade to level 6. It is not recommended to continue to upgrade with gold materials)Talent description

  E: Fires an Icy Paw that deals Cryo DMG to opponents and forms a shield on hit. The shield’s DMG Absorption scales based on Diona’s Max HP, and its duration scales off the number of Icy Paws that hit their target.

  Q: Tosses out a special cold brew that deals AoE Cryo DMG and creates a Drunken Mist in an AoE.

  1st Ascension Passive: Characters shielded by Icy Paws have their Movement SPD increased by 10% and their Stamina Consumption decreased by 10%.

  4th Ascension Passive: Within 15 seconds after the enemy enters the range of the ultimate move, the attack power is reduced by 10%.

  Utility Passive: There is a 12% chance of getting twice the output when making a perfect recovery dish.

Constellation: (Key Constellation 1, 2, 6)

  1: After the Signature Mix effect is over, the energy is restored, and the energy requirements of the ultimate move are reduced in disguise.

  2: The damage caused by E is increased by 15%, and the shield absorption is increased by 15%; when online, you can increase the shield for others (recommend to click E when online)

  3: Raise the Signature Mix level.

  4: Within the radius of Signature Mix, Diona’s charge time for aimed shots is reduced by 60%

  5: Increases the Level of Icy Paws by 3.

  6: Characters within Signature Mix’s radius will gain the following effects based on their HP amounts:
Increases Incoming Healing Bonus by 30% when HP falls below or is equal to 50%.
Elemental Mastery increased by 200 when HP is above 50%.

  Recommendation reason: diverse functions and unique mechanism. It can fill the needs of multiple positions and is very suitable for hunting needs in the big world.

Others: If you want to use Diona as the output location, the weapon with the largest damage increase and the Blizzard Strayer 4 pieces.