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In the early stage, Amber will accompany us through many teaching levels and plots (including acquiring the indispensable Wind Wing). As a character who joined the player team soon after the opening, Andy is indispensable if he can’t get the four-star character Fischl or the five-star character Venti. In Mondstadt, the slime needs the role of bow and arrow to solve it. In Liyue, there are a large number of bubble seeds that need to be used for decryption with bow and arrow characters and decryption torches that need to be ignited. Many decryptions have the opportunity to play Amber. In the later stage, Amber was often replaced by other characters and gradually lost his playing position.

Role positioning and characteristics

Amber is a four-star character who uses the fire attribute of bow and arrow. Her talent can make it easier for players to explore places. It is essential to explore temples and large maps in the early stage. Due to the late output frequency of Amber compared to other Pyro characters, the appearance position is often replaced by other Pyro characters.

Skills talent strategy

Inherent talent Gliding Champion

Amber is the only character in the game that has reduced flight energy consumption (and Wendy). Carrying Amber during adventures can improve the endurance and make it easier to explore the Tivat continent. There are many missions that require flying on the map. Challenge these missions to get a lot of treasure chests. Using Amber will make it easier for you to get rewards. It is very useful when exploring the world in the early stage, it is best to bring Amber.

Normal attack-Sharpshooter

Perform up to five consecutive bow and arrow shooting. Without aiming, the hit position of the bow and arrow cannot be controlled. In actual combat, the bow and arrow are often fired after the aim is charged. For heavy hits, press and hold the normal attack button for charged aiming and shooting. After accumulating the force, the damage is higher and the aiming and shooting is more accurate. Charged shooting can aim at the direction, and the bow and arrow fired can be hit to a certain position. We often use this feature to attack the enemy’s weakness (mostly the head), so that the enemy is knocked into the air or paralyzed to facilitate subsequent output

Elemental Skill·Explosive Puppet

Amber throws Baron Bunny, long press can adjust the throwing direction, the throwing distance increases with the long press time. Baron Bunnycan continue to taunt the surrounding enemies so that the enemy will attack the Baron Bunnyfirst. The HP of Baron Bunnyinherits the upper limit of Amber’s HP in a certain proportion; it will explode if it is destroyed by a monster or the duration is reached, dealing AoE Pyro DMG to the surrounding enemies.

The skillful use of the ridicule of Baron Bunnycan also effectively reduce the frequency of being attacked. It can also allow us to get a sufficient distance from the monster, and attack the weakness of the monster more easily to trigger suppression shots. When facing the ruins guards, use the taunt of Baron Bunnyto make the target of the attack become Baron Bunny, so that Amber can easily aim and attack his weakness to paralyze him.

Elemental Burst·Fiery Rain

Release a large number of arrows with AoE Pyro DMG. to the target location in front of you, and release them on the grass to burn the ground.

As Amber’s elemental explosion skill, Arrow Rain can cause multiple fire elemental damage within the duration. If the skill is released on the grass, it will cause the ground to form a fire field within a certain period of time. At this time, we can switch other roles to trigger a large number of elemental reactions during this time (such as the elemental explosion of the protagonist of the wind system).

Inherent Talent Every Arrow Finds Its Target

Unlocked after breaking through level 20. Amber’s talent skills increase the range of the arrow rain while increasing the probability of a critical strike.