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Rise of Kingdoms Guide:The strategy of the barbarian camp and the commander’s recommendation

Barbarian camp is a resident special PVE activity in ROK game. It will be refreshed in the canyon on the map. You can open the big map and click on the barbarian stronghold on the left to filter. The yellow one is the barbarian camp.

Recommended play:

The first is the preparation before the battle. The difficulty of this activity is much lower than that of the Barbarian Fortress. The 60-level purple generals will be able to defeat the 25th-level boss Baulur with a full T4 team.

Since Baulur has an eight-hour resurrection time after a kill, but unlike the Barbarian Fortress, which has a three-day bonus to obtain cooldown, it is recommended to use a one-time round to directly brush all the barbarian camps in an area, and remember to refresh At the same time, as long as the next time you play in order, you can get a complete round of rewards again and prevent others from grabbing the boss. It is recommended to use the skills of one or two teams, or the cavalry talents of the jungle talent to lead the team to fight directly, and the boss will be replaced directly after the boss, which is very efficient.

In addition, because the speeds of the two players are generally different, if you have to wait for multiple players to swipe, it is not recommended for multiple players to swipe together on the premise that one person can swipe it. It is best to pick up a rune that increases the marching speed in advance. Improve efficiency.

The barbarian camp is located in the canyon and is C-shaped. The boss is generally refreshed in the middle, and some camp rogues have randomly refreshed around. The attributes are similar to the barbarians of the same level. In the middle, there will be a small piece of terrain that divides it into two roads. You can go anywhere from here. Since the camp rogue has no reward for playing, it is recommended to avoid it and go directly to play Baulur, such as in the picture below.

Because camp rogues will move in a small area and actively attack, it is recommended to pull the boss to a relatively open place when playing Baulur to avoid being disgusted by the mobs.

Baulur’s attack method is also very simple, ordinary attack and anger single damage. The difficulty of the attack is very low, so you don’t need any skills, just hit it directly. After the fight, you will receive a one-time kill reward, and the boss will drop equipment blueprint fragments.

General recommendation:

1. Priority recommendation: Cao Cao + Minamoto no Yoshitsunewith pure cavalry.

Cao Cao used the talent points of maneuver and cavalry, plus the skills of the two to increase the speed of cavalry, and run fast. One of their skills has a high damage coefficient and has barbarian damage bonuses, which have high damage. The overall efficiency is very high, which is considered the best match.

2. Belisariu + other cavalry generals, give priority to Cao Cao/Minamoto no Yoshitsune

Because of the three talents of jungle maneuvering and cavalry at the same time, Belisarius can be regarded as a substitute for Cao Cao. It is easier to obtain than Cao Cao, and can be awakened more easily. Besides the damage is a little lower than Cao Cao, there are basically no shortcomings.

3.Minamoto no Yoshitsune+ Richard I withpure cavalry.

The purpose of this combination is to ensure that the additional damage reduction and high blood recovery for the high output of the cavalry can be used to ensure that the blood hands are basically full when they go to the next camp. Three or four savages can last a long time. It is very suitable for players who plan to fight a round of camp at a time.