Arena of Valor – What are teams?

Teams are groups of players who are willing to communicate and join forces. Team members can send each other lives and participate in in-game activities together.Once you reach Level 36, you can create a team yourself or join an existing one. There are two types of teams: open, which anyone can join, and closed, which require the team leader’s approval to join. A team can have up to 30 members.Tap the icon in the bottom left corner to open the Team window.Team members collect two types of points together: – The team score, which is calculated by adding up all the points earned by a team for beating levels. You get one point for each level you beat as a team. Both regular levels and rounds of The Golden Cup count toward your achievement. Your team score is what affects your team’s position on the leaderboard. – Weekly help points, which you get for sending lives to your teammates: each life you send earns you one point. You can check the team window to see your team’s current number of weekly help points, and check the list of your team members to see their individual scores. This score resets every week. PLEASE NOTE:You need to be connected to the internet to access teams.