PUBG Mobile guide is surrounded by panic, a few tips to help you kill

In the exciting battlefield of PUBG Mobile, many players face an embarrassing situation that is surrounded by enemies , none paths can be gone. What should we do if we after If the player is surrounded by many opponents > , try the following !

1. If the player is forced into a house on the edge of a safe area by the enemy, four people are present When the safety zone is about to be reduced, it is recommended that players first go outside the safe zone, wait until their blood volume drops below 75, return to the safe zone and hit the first aid kit (or medical kit), and wait until the safety zone is reduced. Rush out and fight with the enemy.

Reason: Blood does not decrease below 75 and cannot be Using of high-level medicines, making drugs in advance will make the enemy misjudge, so that they can also ensure that they have higher health after rushing out and go out to fight the enemy unexpectedly, although the chance of extinguishing the team is not great. But it can kill more enemies.

2. In the finals, all forms of painkillers, drinks, and adrenaline must be completed.

Reason: Energy can constantly restore the player’s blood volume. Although it recovers slowly, it often You can save your life, and Full energy Also will increase your running speed.

3. In team mode. Once the order is surrounded by enemies, you can use self-detonated grenades ” by pulling the fragment grenades Throw and then take the initiative to go close to enemies and use ranged attacks from fragmented grenades to kill more enemies.

Reason: Self-destruction The method of “Grenades ” can accurately find the enemy, so that the enemy can not easily escape the grenades, and in the team mode, even if the player is knocked down by fragments grenades, they can also be lifted by teammates. Of course Try this carefully, and need , otherwise the player will be knocked down by the enemy without reaching the enemy’s side.

4. After being locked by the enemy, the player The smoke bomb can be thrown desperately and then fled. If it is ambushed by the enemy, can run in the opposite direction to the smoke bomb.

Reason: Once a smoke bomb is found in front of melee, will cause an enemy The vigilance and lock in the smoke area , can confuse the enemy, but need to pay attention as soon as possible to withdraw , Because we Once hit, the enemy will soon confirm our location . Also note that if is locked by a sniper, because the sniper’s field of view is good , the escape is Not much .


The above final stroke often brings unexpected gains to players, suggesting players Don’t sit still when you’re surrounded, even if it’s a box, you have to contribute to the team.