PUBG Mobile guide What does the recoil mean? Recoil analysis

In the “PUBG Mobile Stimulus Battlefield,” I believe the players most frequently encounter the firearms problem, while The problem that is most likely to be overcome is probably the fire recuperation when firearms . In the game, in addition to opening the bolt , the assault rifle and the shooter’s rifle will fire for firearms. Recoil and affect the accuracy of the firing, then how does the recoil force occur? How many recoil? How to deal with recoil? Take a look at the following content!

[Definition of recoil]

Firearm firing pin Strike the bullet and ignite the gunpowder. The gunpowder burns and produces high-pressure gas. The warhead is ejected, that is, the bullet is shot. We all know that the effects of force are mutual. When the firearm fires a bullet, the firearm itself is also subject to the reverse pressure of the gunpowder gas to push the gun body back seated and then sit back and transmit the force. To the buttstock, resulting in recoil.

[Rear Force Type]

Firearm recoil can be roughly divided into two types.

1 Vertical recoil

Vertical recoil Refers to the force that pushes the muzzle upward when the gun fires.

2 Horizontal recoil

Horizontal recoil Refers to The force of the gun’s movement in the left and right direction when the gun fires.

Finally we use a graph to summarize two recoils. The following

1 is the position of the sight before shooting, 2 is the position of the sight of the gun after shooting, 3 is muzzle is natural the front sight is Location.

In summary, the vertical recoil causes the muzzle to jump, and the horizontal squat causes the muzzle to sway. Two kinds of force will directly cause the bullet scattering area to increase when the firearm shoots, so we need to consider reducing these two forces to increase the bullet density.

[Reducing recoil]

The size of the recoil of a firearm in a game varies depending on the gun, and different parts of the firearm can also reduce the recoil by fittings. For example, grips, muzzles, and butts of games are materials that are necessary to reduce firearm recoil and improve shooting accuracy.

So what kind of recoil is more difficult to control? ?

Answer: After sitting horizontally force !

Because the vertical recoil is always upward, most players can spend different degrees when shooting The sliding screen lowers the muzzle to achieve a good control effect , which is simple and simple. The vertical recoil force is with moments to be found, only in one direction. 123> . The horizontal back seat is different. It moves around . During shooting, the horizontal recoil force is completely random. No moment can be found , you want to overcome by You cannot , so more time the player will prefer to lower the level. Seat accessories.

[Firearm Accessories Recommended]

Melee M416 Key Accessories Recommended: Rifle Compensation Front and right angle grips

Remote M416 Key Accessories Recommended: Rifle Compensation , vertical grip

SKS key accessories recommendation: muzzle compensator, right-angle front grip 123>

Firearms are most likely to expose the shortcomings of firearms and their attributes. For example, the M416 near-point sweep pressure gun equipped with a vertical grip has almost no difficulty, but when shooting it is found that the trajectory swings significantly larger. However, if a front right-angle grip is assembled during remote shooting, the recoil force becomes more difficult to control, so we can reserve an extra in the backpack to hold a spare grip, which can be used to replace the situation. In this way, the different recoil of the firearm can be easily restrained in actual combat.

Well, the above is the full resolution of firearm recoil for everyone in this issue. I believe that everyone has a new brand of recoil. Learn, go to the game to try it !