PUBG Mobile’s entire army attacked the most fat building inventory. Searching for these houses is right.

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To eat chicken in the PUBG Moble attack, you must be familiar with resource points. Resource points have two meanings, one is a large map area, such as military bases, G port, and must be selected when skydiving. The other is the various types of buildings after landing. It is necessary to select relatively fat and multi-material houses to search for rapid development.

Priority Search Building

This kind of house is commonly known as a sea view room. It is the best search and the most concentrated kind of material. .

Two-story structure, there are materials in the three rooms, kitchen, table and stairs on the first floor. There are materials in the middle of the second floor, in the toilet and in the room. Basically, each house will have one. The shotgun or rifle is the first choice after the landing. After the search, you can jump directly from the second floor balcony and quickly go to the next point.

There is also a three-storey house of this kind, commonly known as a bunker. This type of house is characterized by small houses, concentrated materials, and basically no matter when you go in. It’s not too much time to run to the third floor. It’s very efficient to see it in a circle and jump out from the second floor.

Ordinary house

Ordinary houses are some bungalows, warehouses, fake garages, and there are not many materials. It is also more general, like some small bungalows often appear in the entire house without any useful things. However, if it is a fake garage, it is recommended that everyone go in and see, especially the three-story fake garage, the probability of having good things is still very high, the roof will occasionally brush high magnification, you must go and see.

Very not recommended house

If it is not time or 100,000, I highly recommend you to search for this type of The topped jigsaw puzzle building, the uncapped jigsaw puzzle is difficult to find, but there is a roof, sometimes you can jump directly to the top of the building next door, saving some time. However, this kind of capped puzzle building is troublesome to search, and the top of the search can be run down again. The most embarrassing thing is that the material refreshing is very uneven, sometimes it is not fat, and sometimes there is no rifle in the search of a building.

There is also a hard-to-search house that is a large two-storey house. The internal structure is as shown above. You should know which one is, and it is more troublesome to search. There are many rooms. There was little material, and no dizziness was found. These houses are best placed at the end of the search, passing by and look.