PUBG Mobile’s army attack and poison advanced strategy

PUBG Moble is attacking the whole army. The safety circle will continue to shrink at intervals, and the safety circle is poisonous. Therefore, players must enter the safety circle in time. This is called “running poison”. When you master the law of shrinking circles and the skills of running poison, you can consider using the poison circle to take the head and eat the chicken. Let’s introduce the next shot of the poison circle!

What is the blocking circle

Use the rules that players must enter the circle, keep the poison Players who hunted poison on the side of the circle made their fortune.

Precautions for the drug-filling circle

1. Scope of application: The first three or four large circles, one near the big probability will come On the side of the side safety zone. For example, on the side of the area where the materials are very fat.

2. Location: Find a small room (the most comfortable with a wall or roof) or find a slope, which is a very good place to block people. To ensure that your small area is easy to defend and difficult to attack, it is best to have a vehicle at the same time to ensure that you can easily transfer after the next safe area is refreshed.

3. When you are not good at fighting and especially fat, you can drive to the center of each safe area and wait for the next safe area to refresh.