PUBG Mobile’s whole army attack and sound defense teaching

Listening to the voice is a must-have skill for the newcomers. Although it is said that the PLABG Moble will have a small map radar to help identify the enemy’s position, it still cannot replace the position of listening to the voice. Then this guide will introduce you to the tips of listening to the voice.

Who am I playing? Who is hitting me? This is the biggest problem faced by many newcomers to eat chicken. Suddenly, they were killed by guns who didn’t know which direction they were in. They didn’t even know how to die.

In actual combat, we often hear two kinds of sounds, one near the far, which makes it impossible for us to accurately determine the source of the gunshot. This is because you There are two kinds of sounds in the gun, one is the sound of the bullet, and the other is the sound of the shot.

Sounding: The sound of a bullet.

Shot sound: The sound hit by the bullet.

In short, the speed of the bullet is faster than the sound of the gun, so we first heard the sound of the bullet, Secondly, you can hear the sound of the sound, That is to say, the sound of the bullet is a key to confuse our hearing, so we must know when listening to the gunshot, Two voices .

I believe that players who wear headphones can hear the source of the gunshots, like . From the gunshot on the left, you will feel the sound on the right is bigger Then the sound on the left is bigger.

If you want to distinguish the front and rear gunshots, you only need to jump sideways to the left and right, , that is, turn 90 degrees, then listen to the gunshots in the left and right direction. Just fine.

What if you hear the sound or can’t find someone?

If you have already determined your position, the first point is to open the ground, no one is concerned about the stone and the back of the tree. (If you are in the city, if the strength is not enough, it is better to withdraw it. The flat and the hill are very friendly to the novice.) The second point is to see the top of the mountain, the vehicle, the gun building, and the toilet. If you can’t see it, go to the safe area to find something. Remember not to shoot the gun with the enemy in the open.