Brawl Stars – How do I force stop the app?

To force stop the App, please follow these steps:   Access the settings menu Choose ‘Apps’, locate and select the game in your ‘Downloaded’ tab Select ‘Force Stop’ Please note: there are many different Android devices out there, with different UI/settings, menus and formats. Procedures

Brawl Stars – Colored names?

Brawl Stars supports colored names without the need for any codes. To change the color of your name, you can do so from your player profile screen located at the start of the Trophy Road. From there tap on your name and choose any color

Brawl Stars – Starting a new game

To start an entirely new game, you first need to connect your current game to Supercell ID*. To connect, please open ‘Settings’ and tap ‘Connect’ under the Supercell ID heading. Follow the on-screen instructions.After this you can start a new game: Open Settings Tap on