Bingo Pop Guide – Bingo Battles

Welcome to Seasonal Bingo Battles! Look for this icon in the Bingo lobby to access Bingo Battles!Unlock and explore as many Lands as you can in the Bingoverse! Build and upgrade special Monuments on your Land to receive HUGE prizes!You’ll need “Monument Points” to build

Bingo Pop Guide – Guest Usernames

When playing Bingo Pop for the first time as a Guest, a random username will be generated and assigned to your account (e.g., SmoothDauby01). Having a unique username helps with differentiating other Guest players. This comes especially helpful when trading or sending Gifts.Currently, Guest usernames

Arena of Valor – Mysterious season

Eerily exciting and frighteningly fun — “Mysterious” season begins! 😱 Beat levels to earn season points and win amazing rewards 🎁 You need to earn a certain amount of points to unlock each reward and the following stage. The amount of points you earn for

Arena of Valor – Campfire Stories

Is there anything cozier than sitting by the campfire with good company? We don’t think so… 🏕️ Collect blackberries to complete event stages and earn the main prize 😊 The event has several stages. For each stage you complete, you’ll get an intermediate reward –

Arena of Valor – Clouds

Fluffy clouds have begun floating into your garden ☁️ And not for nothing!Look! There’s something underneath them 🔍 To find out what these clouds hide, make matches and explode power-ups next to them💥 Your garden Rakes and Shovels can also help remove them 💪 One