Brawl Stars – Can I use Emulators?

Supercell games were designed for mobile devices and that’s where they perform best. Playing our games via emulators can cause poor performance, connectivity issues and myriad unexpected errors.  For this reason, we cannot offer device support to players utilizing emulating software. While Supercell does not

Brawl Stars – Rule #2: Don’t be a Cheat!

We consider “bot” and “mod” use cheating, and strongly encourage players to remove any of the aforementioned programs from their devices.Third party software consists of unapproved apps that manipulate gameplay. By altering game functionality, third party software aims to provide unfair advantages while putting your

Brawl Stars – My game crashes! (Android)

Does your game keep crashing? Is it loading improperly? Try the following troubleshooting tips: Make sure you’ve downloaded the game from the Google Play Store. We can’t verify the safety of versions downloaded from other sites. Free up device memory by closing running unused background